Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chiru links

Oh frabjous day! I've seen an advance copy of THE CHIRU OF HIGH TIBET (due out in October) and I'm so excited I want to fill a wagon with copies and carry them to my favorite libraries, to my friends' favorite libraries, to libraries I don't even know.

I hope THE CHIRU OF HIGH TIBET will spark an interest in readers about the trek to find the birthing place as well as a more general interest in Tibet. For those who would like additional information about the trek this link to an article in National Geographic Magazine may be useful. I read this article many times as I was researching and getting ready to write the book.

National Geographic writers have prepared a lesson plan for grades 6 through 8 relating to the efforts to save the chiru. Included in this lesson plan are links to other National Geographic articles about chiru. Whether one uses all the activities in the lesson plan or selects from the possibilities, some activities based on this lesson plan would make good follow-ups to reading the book.

Watch this space for art connections, cooking connections, social studies connections to this book.


  1. Hurray, Jackie! I can't wait to hold this book in my own hands, read your gorgeous text and linger over the stunning illustrations. Congratulations!

  2. I love seeing a photo of the animals secreted away in Tibet! And I cannot wait to hold your new and beautiful book! October is a lovely month.

  3. Congratulations, Jackie! You may have written another Caldecott winner. The beautifully written text and engaging story inspired amazing artwork.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad to know there are readers--and I'm looking forward to the conversation.

  5. Jackie, you are a power user! Lovely blog. I'm very inspired.

  6. Hi Jackie,

    The artist captures the chiru's power and elegance, and I'm eager to read your words to absorb this book's total artistry. Come on, October; we're waiting!

    Congrats and cheers!