Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspired by Will Allen--Matthew 25 Urban Farm~Cedar Rapids

Clint Twedt-Ball and his brother Courtney Ball, co-directors of Matthew 25 farm

Good ideas grow like plump seeds dropped in good ground.  Last weekend I had a chance to see that again.

I went to an urban farm in Cedar Rapids--Matthew 25. The farm was inspired by Will Allen and has as its goal the same goal as Will Allen's Growing Power Farm-- to provide tasty, healthy food at reasonable prices to people in the area. The co-directors are Clint Twedt-Ball and his brother Courtney.

Play equipment welcomes neighborhood kids

No fences

Vegetables grow next to train tracks and industrial buildings

Matthew 25 has plans to send one of its farmers to Will Allen's Growing Power Farm this winter, expand its farm next year, grow more vegetables plant more fruit trees. Courtney Ball has worked with others to set up school yard gardens at two schools in Cedar Rapids. 

At a time when there are people in our country who would cut food stamp benefits to those who need them (see Paul Krugman on this), thus depriving children--and adults--of needed food, it is uplifting to meet people who are succeeding at helping others to eat better and are strengthening communities with good food.

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  1. I was very excited to see that this Urban Garden was right here among us -- in Cedar Rapids. How much closer can we get to the dreams of Will Allen? The word and vegetable seeds are spreading ... and growing ... and perhaps someday the growing table will be a bridge across the oceans.