Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to beginnings

Sorry for the long break here. Rich and I have been touring around with family, looking for pelicans, watching herons, peeping at fall leaves, generally having a good time.

But there's more to be said about beginnings. Today I want to share illustrator and writer Jo Stanbridge's thoughts on beginnings. Jo lives outside of Toronto. She's also a librarian in her day job and a passionate artist in her heart. She's published a number of books, including two award--winners titled "Famous Dead Canadians." She finished a picture book on Charles Ives that will be published in the near future by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt .

Here's Jo:

"I adore research, too.

The other thing I have to do is to make a mess. I envy Nancy her ability to think clearly in her head! I can't seem to think without scribbling, anymore. I've attached an example. I was trying to work out an idea for a "Seasonal ABC" book. You can see how it started out tight and got messier and messier as I went along.

Near the end, I must have thought, "What would make this book different or interesting? Where's the added-value?" And out popped two ideas. I still think the Australia idea is cool. But I don't think I would have hit on it without the scribbling and mess."

It's nice to be reminded that beginnings can be messy. And out of those messes come some great ideas.

Thanks Jo!

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