Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Greeting from the kids of Mount Vernon

I'm interrupting this blog's usual focus on writing and stories and chiru to send you this holiday card--actually made by the kids at the Mount Vernon Elementary School with their art teacher, Sarah Fitzgerald (front, in the photo). Each art class watched the video of Snowflake Bentley. Then each student cut out a snowflake.

Much good art, whoever is involved, is a collaborative venture. The chandelier began when Stan Crocker, (left in the photo) lighting designer and artist, imagined an art project in which the artists--the kids who cut the snowflakes--would feel an ownership, and art that could be part of Mount Vernon's annual "Magical Night" celebration.

Once the snowflakes were cut, Sarah and volunteers organized by Susan Hargus (right in the photo) and Stan strung the snowflakes on lines and hung the chandelier. Stan did the lighting and voila, we have this wonderful art. And the kids do feel ownership. The ones I saw at the event were smiling and admiring.

It was on display in a public space for just about the life of a snowflake (4 hours) last Thursday night (December 8). But it was so lovely, that it will last in the heads of those of us who saw it much longer than that. I think Wilson Bentley would have loved it.

Thanks to dedicated teachers, thanks to parents who volunteer with their ideas and their time, thanks to kids, all of whom make our lives richer.

And happy holidays to all!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. Creative students AND teacher. Who would have thought. Inspired.

  2. Isn't it just lovely. It still makes me smile to remember it. I hope other schools will try it.

  3. Without authors like Jackie Martin and teachers like Ms. Fitzgerald children wouldn't be as inspired. Hats off to both of them!!

  4. Without people like Wilson Bentley--and people who sell books about Wilson Bentley, or share with children such books--the world would definitely be a lesser place.

  5. How wonderful. I knew exactly what this photograph was all about as soon as I'd seen it. (I'd just reread Snowflake Bentley)

    It was great meeting you at the residency at Hamline. :)

  6. Isn't this a fantastic photo? It cheers me every time I look at it.

    It was great to meet you, too, Bob. I think we must actually belong to a club FOSB--Friends of Snowflake Bentley.

    And we did get snow on Friday--about six inches!