Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Standing across from Everest

looking across to Mt. Everest
Day 6, May 23 4300 meters elevation.

Even at the time I didn't think my photos of the Himalayas would be adequate. And, though it's hard to miss their grandeur, I couldn't quite get the feeling of standing across from the mountain that has captured the attention of so many climbers. I remember feeling very small and quite overwhelmed, almost puzzled that I had come so far, to such a wondrous land.

We stayed in the motel that the climber George Mallory stayed in on his way to climb Mt. Everest. Mallory was eventually lost on the mountain and found decades later by Conrad Anker (who was one of the members of the expedition I wrote about in The Chiru of High Tibet).

I actually can't believe I can get up in the morning and see Himalayas. It's so apparent why Tibet was called "The Hidden Kingdom."...I'm looking out my door at Everest and Mt. Choyo, standing in the same spot that Mallory must have stood. 

Old Tingre Guest House (Mallory's house, too)

front view of Old Tingre Guest House

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