Sunday, June 5, 2011

Out and About

A visit toThe Cloisters in New York City with Kate, Justin, and one year old Ella--our Brooklyn family--was a powerful reminder of the urge we humans have to make art, to make meaning in our lives with art, to express ourselves in wood (I am still in awe at the depth of emotion in that face--in wood!) stone, metal or tapestry.

We are all tied together over the centuries by this urge and our appreciation of what artists have done in service of this urge.

And whatever our chosen way of expressing ourselves, places like The Cloisters fill the "well" the space, the place we draw our stories from. (I did not invent the notion of the "well." I got it from my friend Carol Gorman, who says she got it from Ray Bradbury.) But wherever it came from, it is our job to fill the well every now and then. The long days of summer allow us all time to write and time for outings that renew our spirits. Such outings might be a walk down a trail on the other side of town, a visit to a public garden, a baseball game, an outdoor concert, a sit-down by a little waterfall, a balloon launch, a bird walk, an art show, an afternoon in a coffee shop, or a shoe store. I'd love to know where you are going this summer to fill your well.

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